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Help Our Youth Develop Confidence

Boy feeling confident in himself and happy.

The idea for today's blog came from a social media post by business strategist, Jasmine Star. She talked about building confidence in business, but I said, "Wow, this goes hand-in-hand with what we teach our kids at IAA."

Instead of waiting for children to feel confident before encouraging them to take action, it's essential to recognize that action itself is a catalyst for confidence building.

Parents often wait for a child to display self-assurance before encouraging them to tackle challenges or new experiences. However, it's through actively engaging in various activities, facing challenges, and making progress that children truly develop their confidence.

When children prove to themselves that they are capable of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals, it significantly enhances their self-assurance. This firsthand experience serves as concrete evidence that they can handle difficult tasks and make meaningful progress in different areas of their lives.

Just like in business, the emphasis is not solely on obtaining a specific answer but on the journey of taking action and the results it yields. Children may not always achieve immediate success or find the exact solution they seek, but each effort contributes to their growth and learning.

Encouraging children to take action, whether it's trying a new skill, solving a problem, or facing a challenge, fosters a mindset of resilience and capability. The more actions they take, the faster they acquire results, learn from experiences, and ultimately build confidence in their abilities.

In the realm of childhood development, this cycle of action leading to confidence, which then motivates further action and improvement, contributes to a child's overall growth and success. Waiting for confidence to magically appear before allowing children to explore and engage in the world around them may hinder their development. Instead, actively encouraging them to take on challenges and learn through experience will empower them to become more confident individuals.

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