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A Youth's Opinion About Depression

I don’t know someone my age with depression firsthand, but I have witnessed it in my family.

Girl depressed in bed

Seeing someone you love with depression is heartbreaking. I’ve seen how depression affects a person day to day. They go into a state of darkness. They may feel unloved, useless, incapable, unappreciated, and an outcast.

It’s as if darkness is consuming them into a place where no one should have to be. There’s no right way to fix it, but all you can do is try.

Something I would do is talk to them, get them to open up to you, and express their feelings. Tell them that it’s ok to cry if necessary.

Sometimes talking isn’t enough. Medication or therapy is an alternative.

Boy with therapist

Those dealing with depression must think positively, and need to know they are loved, useful, capable, appreciated, and that they matter in this world! All that you can do is try, so they know they’re not alone. They have a reason to live because they are beautiful! Everyone matters!

Taking the time to care can save a life!

by Serenitymarie Sanchez-Lopez


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