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Acne Affects Self-Esteem

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Let’s face it. Skin conditions can impact the way we think and feel about ourselves.

Suffering from teen acne was one of the main reasons I became an esthetician. Acne played a major role in my self-esteem.

In our current culture, social media has become a place where our teens seek approval and perfection. Teen acne and skin issues are a driving force for depression because everyone wants to look perfect.

That’s where I come in. Our teens need more than a speech about being beautiful in the skin they're in. If you’re an adult reading this, you were a teen once. You know that’s not what they want to hear while they're hurting. So sometimes we have to go further than words for a little expert help.

Not only do I help teens clear up their acne without harmful medications from the dermatologist (like Accutane), I encourage them to create lifestyle changes. Skincare always starts with diet and home skincare routines.

One of my experiences with a 13-year-old will always touch my heart. Her mother was a current client of mine and mentioned her daughter. It broke my heart to hear how she was being bullied about her acne and the dark spots they left behind. The girl didn’t want to attend school anymore. She was on so many antibiotics that caused other issues within her body, suffered from low self-esteem, and was on medication for depression.

After 3 months of visits and a new skincare routine from Skin Salvation, she no longer took medications, and her skin looked like she’d never had acne. The young lady even started making better diet choices to prevent future breakouts.

With each child I help, I know that I’m reducing anxiety, depression, and possibly suicidal thoughts. I partner with in Central Florida. Together, we are on a mission to dramatically reduce teen depression.

Think you know a lot about acne? Take this quiz.

By Carolyn Cyprian

Licensed esthetician and founder of Skin Salvation skincare.

After eleven years in the skincare industry, I remain a student of my craft. I continue to learn the latest in skincare science and treatments. I am rewarded by helping my clients rebuild their confidence not only in their skin but in their spirit.

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