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Move Forward

Friend, what has left you stuck in reverse? We have to get you moving forward again. I don't care what obstacles you face, you can overcome them. I'm talking to those who've experienced something so terrible they think there's no way out--that they'll never walk, laugh, or smile in the sunshine again.

Listen, those experiences taught you something. Write down what you've learned. Use that to propel you ahead.

Did a friend betray you? Why? You have now learned something about that person. What could you have done better in the relationship? Was it a toxic relationship you needed to get out of anyway?

Is there a school, work, or family relationship that is holding you in a negative headspace?

Do you feel you've made some great mistake that is too horrible to return from? It's a lie. This thing is called life, not do-something-wrong-and-it's-over.

There is no situation that is too hard for God to step into and work out. Allow him to lighten your load and encompass you with his love.


I pray God visits you at your point of need; that he shows you that he is the light in the darkness; that he shows you that no matter what mistakes you have made in the past, you deserve a second chance, you deserve a third chance. You are phenomenal. Breathe, you are worthy of life. Reach inside and find the strength to go on another day. It will get better, this too shall pass. We care. Hold on and most of all LIVE.

Remember, we're here for you and can assist you with resources if you need someone to talk to.


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