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What to do When You Are Triggered

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

When we are triggered, there is an alert sent to our brain that tells our body that we are in danger and causes us to react in habits and responses we’ve built to protect ourselves⁣.

⁣Mindfulness teaches us the art of The Pause. Pausing has many benefits—one being the ability to help regulate our nervous systems when we find ourselves overwhelmed, angry, or experiencing any big emotions.

⁣Pausing gives you the opportunity to:

  • slow down⁣

  • regain control and choose how you will respond⁣

  • help build your resilience to stress ⁣

If you are looking for ways to go from reactive to responsive, here is the first step: taking intentional time to slow down, pause, and breathe. It can be difficult to do in the moment, but with practice it will become second nature.

T’era Burton

Wife, Mommy of 3, author, artist and creator of Concealer and A Prayer life. Revamping the image of motherhood, while helping mothers thrive from the inside out with a belief that motherhood is not the place we go to lose sight of who we are!

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